fresh start

I’m starting this blog to finally have a place to voice out my thoughts

I’ve tried out different platforms of social media to bring myself to nowhere. Tumblr is far too difficult and I’m not that familiar with it despite using it for some time.Twitter doesn’t suit my preference since I like to post pictures once in awhile. Instagram is becoming a place where only followers matter and it’s getting to a point that each of my post is due to obligation. I’m not posting because I want to anymore. The fun that it used to possess is no longer there. Also I’ve fucked messed up big time with many individuals especially one that was the most significant. I won’t state her name but let’s call her Jongdae. Jongdae made me realize mistakes I’ve made as a person. Our friendship was too focused on me and it’s my fault for not realizing it. I promise that I would change and I’m trying everyday. It’s rather hard to forget her words and it’s constantly left hanging in my head. Thank You Jongdae jk I hate you. you suck

So I plan to make this blog a place for me to upload pictures , pen down my thoughts, upload my writings. I don’t really expect anyone to be reading any of this and I’m not sure if I want anyone to read this


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