resolutions for 2k15

2k14 is going for a quick end which means that 2k15 is starting real soon. It frightens me a lot that another year has flew by and it’s scary that I would need to conquer another year. Truth be told, I’m not ready I’m ready. Because 2k14 is truly a year of improvements for me.

Before this year, I was extremely immature and oblivious. My thoughts were very much child like isn’t a child’s thought supposed be child like . I was a terrible friend. I had bad habits. Overall, I was not that great of a person. So through one year, I’ve been through many ups and downs and I find myself truly growing through every experience. But there’s still things I would like to work on in a brand new year so here’s a list of resolutions

1)Be more conscious and aware of what I say.

sometimes words hurt the most so i hope next year I’ll be more careful before i speak and do things. i hope to be less blunt and more aware of how my words would affect the receiver

2) To study harder to get top 10% in the level

grades matter a lot to me no joke. it determines the type of future i will have – the type of job, the circle of friends i’ll meet, the quality of my life. since young, it’s been drilled into my head so i’m always very conscious of my results. but of course i’m playful af extremely playful so i tend to neglect my work for hot Asian men kpop and various social media. so next year will be what we call streaming year and it will decide the subject combination i will be taking. i plan to study really hard to get the grades i desire

3) to improve to become more tidy

i’m messy like frICK please stop
i’m not tidy at all and i should learn to be neater so as to find it easier to find things and this would enable me to more time if i didn’t have to rummage through my bag to find something

4) to grow taller and to lose weight

I hope to be around 168 i actually can’t decide how tall I want to be but it would be nice to be taller than my current height.

in pictures I may look like I’m skinny but plot twist I’m not at all. If you’ve met me in real life, you’d be astonished bc frICK why are you so fat plus I haven’t been skinny for really long so i would love to see how it feel like to be skinny HAHAh

that’s about it because i prefer to have lesser goals that will be accomplished rather than setting numerous goals to end up completing none.

four goals bc four is Baekhyun’s favorite number and he is goals

– stasia


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