read this when your results are lower than your expectation

there are many factors to why your results weren’t as high as expected. it could be because the paper was too tough or perhaps your mind went blank during the paper or even maybe because you were being careless

honestly ask yourself this question :
did you study hard for your test.

if your answer is no, then there’s no one to blame other than yourself. It’s your own fault for playing too much or wasting your time on unnecessary things. but that’s okay because this is just one test and you must work harder for your next test to get your desired results shut up if you think it’s impossible like pls everything is possible try to manage your time more wisely and learn to study smart. you could find out which part you’re lacking at and you could try to strengthen it.

for instance if i knew that I’m bad at plotting graphs (this is a true example like frICK I keep drawing out of line) , I would try to spend more time on learning the best and most efficient way to plot graphs. learn to maintain your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

I promise you with resilience and perseverance, you will definitely do well. ( this method is foolproof you have to actually work hard and attempt the questions in the best way sorry)

if your answer is yes, then it means that you may have messed up somewhere. maybe you were far too nervous and your mind went blank or perhaps you studied in the wrong method. try and find your best leaning method that allows you to strive.

for some people, they like drawing mind maps and writing notes to learn while other may prefer listening more attentively in class. it differs from person to person and I believe that the correct studying method with hard work will surely give your fantastic results.

with all that being said, you really have to work hard to do well. hard work pays trust me. all the best for your exams and tests !1!1!1!1!!1! good luck and remember that as long you tried your best, you already did well lol no sorry the results matter if you didn’t do well, you didn’t do well HAHAh

– stasia


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