eyes, nose and lips

he is praying that her eyes are the first to go ; the way they looked when she smiled – the way they opened and closed.

the mesmerizing orbs that he was attracted to the moment he caught sight of it. it’s the prettiest part of her but as he recalls how they looked, it couldn’t seem to appear before his eyes.

the crinkling crescents that graced her face when she chortled in amusement at his childish antics. he misses all their shared memories – but it’s all too late.

and her nose, every single breath against his neck. it’s hot. she straddles him, lips attach to his as she kisses him endearingly despite the moment of lust.

he despises her yet he wants her arms wrapped around his, her body against his. he yearns for affection – like all the affection that used to share.

and then her lips, every empty promise made and said. he wonders whether the words that left her mouth were ever real. he was a fool for believing her yet he does not regret.

her eyes, nose and lips – her face it can not be remembered. it’s all vague now. a blurry mess in his mind and he falls onto his knees, eyes brimming with tears that threatened to fall. what is wrong with him? why can’t he remember? he wants to forget it – it is forgotten.

please fade, fade to black

I hate you

please fade, fade to black

but the nightmares come back

I miss you

– stasia


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