i won’t express how grateful i am for my current friends. i love you guys so much.

t h a n k y o u s o m u c h

i’ve been through ups and downs with numerous people ; I’ve messed up they’ve messed up. it’s really a long story weaved with misunderstandings, lack of trust and maybe starting the story was my mistake. but i believe every friend lost has allowed me to learn and grow from my every mistake so of course thank you.

let me tell you something, i’m filled with flaws ; noticeable and hidden ones. i’m not the nicest person, i’m not that great at sweetening my words up (there’s no in between I’m either smooth or really blunt ) i’m not pretty or skinny. i can be over demanding. I can be rude. I can be the silliest person on earth. I’m really lame but rather than continuing this list, I’d like to say I have great points too. wait is listing my positive points considered self absorbed HAHah oh frICK I won’t list you should know what they are

I’ve learnt that my positive points will not be irrelevant no matter how many negative points I have. You as my friend had overlooked these points, made me feel special and appreciated and stayed by me despite my quirkiness.

friends won’t last. no doubt about that. i won’t be surprised if you left but it’s okay. because every time i see you, I just remember all the great memories we had. Even if it had been a brief moment, thank you for making me happy.

t h a n k y o u

i l o v e y o u p a b o

special little note to the people who has known me since my gross primary school days. thank you so much for staying with me even though I was fat and really lame like let the fetus days fade. At that time, people didn’t want to be friends with me. I wasn’t the most pleasant both inside and out yet you stayed. I’m sorry and thank you.


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