short and sweet haikus

your smile is pretty
just like you inside and out
embrace your beauty


I’m ignoring you
not because I don’t like you
I like you too much


in life less is more
simplicity at it’s best
stop changing yourself


you are amazing
in every single manner
just please stay yourself


we don’t talk or meet
our friendship doesn’t waver
it stands tall and firm


I miss the old you
tell me what happened to you
just please be okay


looks do not matter
it is what’s in the inside
that truly matters


auburn roots turned white
crippling and aching body
arms and legs wrinkling


words don’t bring me down
yet a mere insult from you
sends me hurling down


alright those were random haikus that I came up with. hopefully you enjoyed it. I really like the last one.

– stasia


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