read this when you find your self esteem non existent

you should stop thinking you suck or you are not good enough. every one is special in their own little ways ; significant or trivial. so please remember you’re amazing just the way you are. you may feel alone. but you’re never alone.

talk to me if you want

your negative points does not make your positive points irrelevant. don’t give a flying frICK of what others think honestly if that friend was true, he or she would not be quick to judge. so just be happy with yourself alright. there’s nothing to be sad about.

perhaps you don’t do well academically, but maybe you’re an art prodigy. if your art sucks balls, then perhaps you’re physically fit. so don’t think you’re lacking in every way possible because trust me, there’s something else filling in all your empty gaps.

in this generation and year, exterior looks matter. it’s really a stupid thing if you ask me since what is in the inside is more important. Yet despite how stupid it is, most people tend to neglect the beauty that each one of you holds ; they just judge you based on your exterior as compared to your interior.

there is no definition of perfection or beauty.

it really depends on the individual so I don’t see why you must keep thinking you’re ugly or you’re fat or you’re not pretty enough. because I bet you’re pretty in your own way. who cares how fat you are, you are still beautiful. be confident and proud of who you are.

hope you feel better : )

– stasia


One thought on “read this when you find your self esteem non existent”

  1. Hey, I saw your latest post on ig. What happened? Are you okay? Tbh, sometimes I also feel that I’m lacking in many areas, just like you. Sometimes, I wish that I was slim, was good at studies and had nice hair (my hair’s quite frizzy and I just got a really bad haircut that made my hair look really short). Sometimes I start thinking about why I always study so last minute and wished that I studied harder and earlier so that I could get good results and make my parents proud of me. I also think about why I sometimes get annoyed with my parents over small matters when they did nothing wrong. I also worry about my future which makes me kind of stressed because I want to get a good job which means that I have to do really well for my ‘O’ Levels and get into a Jc (I really want to go to ACJC haha but it’s really hard ;-;). Honestly, thinking about all these things makes me really emotional that sometimes I even end up crying. Do you think of these thoughts too?

    Sorry for making you read so much XD Btw, your blog really cheers me up so thank you 🙂 And even though times may seem hard, lets try our best to remain positive, kay? Fighting ily !

    -Nicole (@wuyifanx)


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