read this when you find it hard to manage with multiple subjects

i think this is a problem that most students are going through. similarly, I experienced such problems when I jumped from primary school to secondary school. Suddenly, from an initial mere four subject ( five because I take higher mother tongue) I had to take nine ( boo they count art and drama)

it was a huge culture shock to have been thrown four more subjects. some were foreign to me and it was a pain in the neck learning new things ; for instance history and geography were things I have never been thought in primary school. some were familiar yet they felt much harder than before ; for example Chinese like fRICK Chinese became so tough

so what I’m trying to say that there is no doubt that all of us are struggling to handle all our subjects whilst having a proper social life. but you have to put down certain things and you need good time management.

stop wasting time on unnecessary things like looking at my blog or using too much social media. concentrate on your studies more and try to focus

(honestly this will not work if you don’t put down certain things. if you want good grades, there must be sacrifice )

for each subject, try to work at your weaker points and maintain your stronger points. it’s not easy at all but just try your best and give it your all.

what you can do is to gauge which subject you need more help in so you can find time to work on it but at the same time make you are revising your other subjects.

i think most importantly is that you have to pay attention in class. by doing so, you find that you don’t have to revise that much yet you can do well. for me personally, I listen attentively during math (lies lies lies ) , I find that when I revise, I take up less time since I already more or less understood the topic so I will be able to move on to more topics.

with that being said, it will always be hard to get a high average for everything but I believe with good time management and lots of perseverance, you can definitely do it.

good luck alright and all the best : )

– stasia


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