get to know what is what in this blog

So since I have many different categories, I’m going to explain each one.

Irrelevant– basically where irrelevant posts such as this one is stored at. it’s not something you would read for pleasure or like entertainment just mere information and addressing things. it’s mostly casual with Internet slangs and what nots.

Read this– where I actually attempt to make someone alone feel less lonely. I’ll try my very best to allow my reader feel happier after reading each post. it’s catered according to what I think you may be going through. (caution the following is not written by a professional that can actually help. instead it is written a mere secondary school student that has too much time on her hands)

thoughts – where I just write out all my raw thoughts bc I have no one else to confide to. it’s the best I can make of so I’ll use it wisely. u can read it whatever but it’s very lame and I’m so emotional there and also I may put of as mean and selfish there but remember I rant and express my inner thoughts there when I’m upset without actually calling out on anyone.

Personal – where you can find pictures and articles and writings about my personal life. you can read it if you want but it isn’t necessary at all. it’s like my little visual diary 🙂

Letter to (month/year) : this is for myself to read which means you will never be able to catch a single glimpse of what I write to myself HEhEhEh

Writings – rather self explanatory. where all my stories and writings are posted. so if you’re interested in reading stories, that’s the perfect place for you 😉

with that being said, have fun stalking my blog !1!1!1!!1

also great news, starting from today, I’ll be posting exo shitfics fanfiction as well and a few drabbles here and there 🙂

– stasia


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