cherish before they vanish

you don’t know how many times i repeat endearments to my loved ones because I’m constantly afraid that it might be my last time. you might think I’m over worrying about such things and yes the inevitable will come some day (whether I like it or not) but I still think it over. what will I feel if the person (my parents) I love the most were to disappear. what if one day something happens?

these things make me rethink my behavior. it makes me itch in guilt at the horrible way I behave. the way i retort ( it’s bad and rude I know sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

perhaps it’s because I have no siblings. I don’t like the feeling of being alone. I don’t have many people to confide to and sometimes it feels lonely. so lonely i have to resort to using this blog. I don’t like telling people how I feel ( at least not anymore)

you know what’s the worst part, if death strikes. Their only daughter (me) will have a terrible time getting over it. their existence will fade into oblivion and only i will never get over it. the mere thought sends shivers down my back and it makes me truly cherish them. because they have done so much yet I can only repay this little.

they overlook my flaws. they make me feel special. they make me feel loved. they give me confidence. they make me happy. they’re the reason for my existence. they raised me to what I am ( nothing so far but I’ll make it some day)

so one day, I want to be the one making them feel loved. I want to be the one making them happy. I want to lift the weights off their shoulder and I will be the one to bear it. I will do everything it takes to make them happy. so thank you mom and dad for raising me. it’s still long before I can take care of you but for now I’ll try my best to take care of myself.

I l o v e y o u

so if you find your parents really irritating because they nag. they’re doing it out of love. trust me, all your parents love you a lot. they do things for us that we may not see. be grateful to them. earning money is hard yet they willingly spend it on us.

so do me a little favor and show a little gratitude. do little things ; try to retort less help more ๐Ÿ™‚

– stasia


9 thoughts on “cherish before they vanish”

  1. I understand and lost most of my family at a young age, I still have my mom (who lives with me and I take care of) but she is all I have and a brother that’s 10 years older (we never really lived with each other). I worry about my age and being single, I worry about when they are gone and I will be all alone, I have people tell me that someone good will enter my life but well…. that’s been said for more years than I care to count and still… here I am all alone.


    1. condolences to your loved ones. to be honest, you have to be patient because the one meant for you would definitely come your way and perhaps you should put in effort(?) hAHa don’t worry it’s not too late yet

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  2. The parent relationship is an emotional rollercoaster
    The one ride I wished I didn’t take
    Everyone has to work this out on their own terms
    I suffered a lot from this when they both passed
    I had so much baggage I could barely maintain
    I came so close to the edge
    That life was……….
    My experience is time takes patience by hand
    Do what you must
    But never get caught in regrets
    Thank you for your like
    As always Sheldon


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