refund me please

I used to be really skinny. I was once a petite girl who was full of confidence and was always bubbly (not really lol I was shy but still ) I really wonder where that girl has went because I’m starting to miss her. as the years gone by, that girl had changed. she was no longer confident in showing herself off and it only makes me sad to see her with such low self-esteem.


I’m confident in terms of public speaking and things I’m actually good at but when it comes to doing this in front of an audience ( like dancing singing being vain) I find it a tedious task that requires a valiant effort to succeed. but no matter how much I try, I find myself still feeling absolutely nervous and there is no way I’ll ever stand in front of an audience to show myself off.

I actually felt that this was because of my exterior figure ( I know that it shouldn’t matter and I should be proud of how I am yet I can’t bring myself to be proud of who I am ) many times, I wish I could get a refund my current body for a skinnier one. something I am able to flaunt instead of always hiding myself

It’s just I detest the way I look ; how I have fats where it should be flat and a pair of thunder thighs. I can’t be like other teenagers who wear crop tops and pretty clothing because I look absolutely revolting in them. I hate the judging looks I receive or just the stigmatizing comments that my skinnier friends say.

honestly I should learn to love my body but it’s hard. maybe if I lose a few pounds, I’d be more confident but for now I guess I have to be confident and be proud of whatever I am.


5 thoughts on “refund me please”

  1. you cutie omg
    hey ana
    you’re not the only one okay
    i hate almost everything about myself but what can i do
    plastic surgery won’t do anything
    you have to learn to accept yourself 💕<3
    you cant tear yourself out of the body you're living on right now, because where else would you go? where else can you go?
    so learn to accept yourself like i did, love yourself more
    ily ana

    xxoxo spinach


  2. I understand and loose the lbs to be healthy but not for what others think. I can see your a beautiful person inside and that is all that matters. The right people will see who you really are and love you for that. I was a fat kid in school and most of my life. All anyone seen of me was what I looked like, not who I was, inside I would cry for someone, anyone to see my heart, see the love I wanted to give but well… no one did. I was always made fun of and hurt by boys and girls alike. I am shy but have learned to play a outgoing person, I say play cuz inside I am so afraid but on the outside I look like I can talk to anyone and I have too at work but well…inside I’m just shy and hopping not to be hurt anymore.


  3. you’re amazing the way you are !!! looks doesn’t matter and what’s most important is the inside 🙂 and so far i must say you’re amazing 🙂 be happy okkk


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