read this when you’re sad

I’m not quite sure why you’re feeling sad but cheer up. things will get better and life will be brighter. being upset does not help and instead you should try and do things that might cheer you up.

here’s a little list:

1) talk to your loved ones or your friends.

this always cheer me up. talk to someone that can ease your pain and can give you joy. sometimes talking to your friends about your feelings helps (but don’t tell them about your miseries every single day because they’ll get irritated too.) just find a few close friends that won’t mind you telling them your problems and thoughts

2) engage in hobbies to distract yourself

sometimes when I’m sad, I would go for a jog at the park. I like the way the breeze blows and it’s exhilarating to just run. going outdoors and interacting with natures gives you a breather and it helps a whole lot. try not to stay in your room or to cry yourself to sleep or anything ( bc you’ll have swollen eyes and a headache the next morning and it’s not worth it uRGH) do something you like to distract yourself ; it could be drawing or reading or even watching your favorite drama. I think comedies and happy shows help a lot.

3) eat

if you have a problem and you can’t solve it, eat it. this isn’t the most ideal way so don’t use it to often but when I’m really sad and nothing seems to be helping. I munch on something delectable and drown myself in food instead of my sorrows. hopefully the savour treats would help you to forget about your sadness.

4) write your feelings

express yourself. there must be a reason why you’re sad so write it down and you’ll figure out why you’re bumped. I write a lot when I’m sad. sometimes writing is better than to talk to someone. you’re helping yourself by writing out your feelings. I usually write it on a price of paper before I proceed to crush it as i dunk it into the thrash bin. maybe you could try it out too.

5) have a rest ; sleep

don’t think too much. sleep your problem away and tomorrow shall be a better day. think positively and don’t overthink. being sad doesn’t help so you might as well get a good rest and catch up with some sleep. you’ll feel a lot fresher the next day and hopefully you’ll cheer up.

6) take a nice and warm shower

showering helps. I like showering when I’m sad because I feel as though I’m washing my devastation away. it’s a great way because you’ll be clean and happier after the shower. you can even sing along to your favorite songs and have a rock concert in your shower. how fun is that.

I hope I managed to help you but all in all happiness depends on yourself. it is your perception ; the way you look at things. you don’t need much to stay happy ; you choose your own happiness. so hope you had a gr8 day alright. frown less smile more. go have a nice drink and stop being sad.



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