abhorring drama

so recently drama has been going on in instagram and I have witnessed many different occurrences and the one thing that irks me the most are the hates accounts.

drama online is completely different from drama in real life since the people online are facades – we all aren’t certain who exactly is behind each account. a person’s personality online and in real life can be completely different so I don’t think you should judge just based on what they are online

to me, it’s the lowest possible thing to do to hurt someone you may not like or perhaps even hate. what is the point of creating such an account that only inflicts pain and sadness to others? as much as I hate an individual, I would never create an hate account for that person because firstly the amount of pain the person has to go through with insults hurling at her.

I know what it feels to have people hate you ; it makes you feel upset because what wrong have you done for them to constantly point out your flaws. you may have committed mistakes or done something foolish but it does not mean you deserve hate it does not matter whether she was mean or rude or anything. who are you to judge her ? who are you to cause her so much pain ? I believe that no one should ever go through hate because it is indeed revolting and dreadful and no one deserves to be hated.

also there is a limit to the amount of hate a person can handle and there are things that will trigger their emotions so much so that they will find it difficult to control themselves. such triggers include mentioning of family, exterior looks or people that they care for. human works like a road filled with mines, when you accidentally (or intentionally) step on any mines, they blow. they blow up and they break down.

secondly, hating on someone is such a waste of time when they are more beautiful things in this world and more crucial things to do. why bother on trivial matters ? hating someone does not benefit you or the victim. does it feel good for the person you hate to end her life or to feel depressed ? because if it does i do not get what is going through your mind and I don’t want to know what is filtering through that thick skull of yours. trust me, in a few years time, you’ll regret it. so I’m admonishing you to stop now.

thirdly, I find it absolutely cowardly to hate someone through an hate account – to own such an account where you openly diss innocent individuals. no one deserves to be hated in this manner. have you never been in their shoes to look at things in their perspective. it hurts so much it’s not even funny. you think it’s a joke. your life continues but what about them.

I have had a hate account and even at school I can’t help but feel uncomfortable. you can live your life as per normal but they can’t. my abhorrence for someone is still unable bring me to create them a hate account because it’s a waste of time and I don’t want them to feel depressed. I don’t want them to feel hurt because it’s honestly a horrendous feeling that no one should have to go through

sticks and stones may break their bones but words will break them

( lol I forgot how this goes sorrynotsorry)

as seen from the quote above, words hurt. it hurts so much that it may been more painful than getting physically beaten up (apparently with sticks and stones ) your recklessness can cause a life. don’t you find that mortifying ? not everyone is as strong willed as they should be. not everyone will stay firm despite the hurtful words thrown at them. some will fall. some will do silly things. you cannot be certain that your victim is strong willed. your foolishness will end a precious life. can you continue to live with this guilt ?

also technically, hate accounts are a form of cyber bullying which is illegal so don’t get yourself into trouble

stop hating start appreciating ??



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