it’s not wrong to be judgmental. i would be lying if I say I’m not judgmental, albeit the fact that I try my best to tone it down. it is just that I feel that you should subtly judge in your heart and not let it show in your actions. be open minded and give everything a try before you ruthlessly judge it ; if you know nothing and you have no hard facts then do not judge. it’s as simple as that.

i wish people would stop judging based on your preference. you have no idea how much that infuriates me because different people like different things. just because you like a certain idol doesn’t mean others will and it’s okay to like what you like. you don’t expect others to like what you like and vice versa.

since I like korean music – aka kpop, a lot of people tend to judge me and find me uncool because I don’t enjoy english music as much. but what exactly makes english music cooler. I don’t quite get why you have to judge someone based on their preference.

also something quite interesting happened today, a friend ( let’s call her Sehun). Sehun told me that fanfiction isn’t as good as stories when in fact fanfiction is a genre and it is a type of story. maybe she had read one bad fanfiction ( i won’t say they are all good) but it doesn’t mean she should classify all fanfiction as bad just because of one or two black sheep. it hurts my egotistic pride since I live and breathe fanfiction and for someone to insult it without truly looking at how amazing they are, it irritates me. be open minded. give things a chance. don’t judge anything if you don’t actually know or have experienced it.

next something else happened today. my friend ( let’s call her luhan because everyone likes luhan). so like any other day, luhan was having her food with her clique of friends when the popular boy joins their table. he flirted with the girls, as he casually enjoyed the food from girls that were swooned by his nonexistent charm. he wanted to try out my friend’s food but she said no since she’s saliva conscious but her friend (still smitten by the flirt) used the chopsticks and dived it into the food without prior permission which I felt was plain rude and when my friend whines about how unfair it was. the boy daringly told her that she needed to lose weight and he was doing her a favor. something along the line of this story.

so that drew that line for me. telling someone such things is plain mean and I cannot stand by watching. people are sensitive so watch your words. they are not skinny and so ? who are you to comment that she needed to lose weight. please use your thick headed skull to think before you carelessly comment about other people.

society has morphed that skinny is beauty. even in this cruel world with such disgusting mindset, it does not stop me from thinking that inner beauty matters. it matters more than your exterior appearances. it hurts me that girls are not confident with their body and themselves. you don’t need to be pretty or skinny alright. you are all perfect. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. don’t think you’re not good enough and be happy with whatever you are ; pretty, short, skinny, fat – whatever it is be happy.

don’t judge based on their exterior appearance or preference. don’t judge if you have not experienced it. try to look at the inside. because after all it is what is in the inside that matters.


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