read this when you’re feeling suicidal

[ caution this is a post that might trigger emotions and it is a sensitive topic so please think twice before you continue reading ] 

 you there. 

 yes you

 stop hurting yourself. inflicting more pain to yourself would not let the current pain fade away or let it hurt lesser. it will remain and in fact you would feel more pain.

don’t cut yourself. don’t do anything that would hurt an amazing person such as yourself. it may feel good to you and it may seem like it will help but guess what it would not help. 

I know that sometimes you feel that physical pain feels so much less painful than the emotional and mental pain you are going through but seriously why hurt yourself once again with another type of pain. it’s all just pain and it all just hurts the same. you should love yourself. love every inch of your body and appreciate every flaw. it’s okay to be imperfect. we have flaws ( even I do ) some are hidden and some can be seen. but it’s alright to have these flaws. embrace them.   

don’t end your life. i know you have your reasons but they’re all deemed invalid because I say so and you are not to hurt yourself. your life is a precious as the next and you have something to live for. even if life feels bleak, try to think positively. every rainbow comes after a rain. sad and low moments would pass and it would soon be over. I can’t guarantee you that life would get any better but it is really how you look at things. 

be grateful that you have a pair of eyes to see, a mouth to speak and a pair of ears to listen. you are given so much that you fail to notice ; how fortunate you are to have a pair of working limbs and a pair eyes that can observe or the fact that you have a roof over your head. you see what I mean. you’re blessed with little gifts. sometimes you have a bad past or you are hurt but don’t let them get to you. 

you’re born in this world to be a special unique individual. you’re so special and even if you think that one life gone would not matter, it matters. because you matter ( feel free to talk to me because I’ll be here)

 there are people dying ; perishing away this very moment and trust me, many of them would want to continue life because life itself is amazing. don’t end it. continue living and don’t stop believing in yourself. stop thinking negatively because it’s not going to make anything better. you can only help yourself. nothing will change. things might progressively get worser but it’s really your perception. 

 I know how many times you contemplate ; the amount of times you think through before you hurt yourself . I know how often you find yourself worthless. I know how much it hurts and I’m so sorry I can’t help. I hope my words will help you so please don’t do anything to yourself.

it hurts. I understand. you feel alone. I understand. but get yourself help, do something constructive, be happy because if you do not try and help yourself, no one will. 

trust me, in this cruel and disgusting world, where everyone is self centered and selfish, you are your only hope. no one will wait for you. no one will bother. you have to do something. stand up and stand strong. leave the past because it is past and it will never come back so leave it. cherish now the present ; use every minute and second of your life to the fullest and have high hopes for the future because things will ultimately get better ( even in the smallest way possible )

 it saddens me on how helpless my position is and seriously I wish I could be there and give you a hug and tell you everything will be okay. just keep going on and don’t stop. when you fall, stand up with your head held up high and continue your journey in life. make it as enjoyable and meaningful as possible 

because this is your life so live it to the fullest.

there are definitely more problems that you have to face but don’t get deterred by them. it’s inevitable that there are bumps along the road. it’s how you choose to face them.

don’t hide or run away, be brave and walk right up to it and throw it a few punches. stomp on it hard and walk away victoriously because you finally got over it. 

it’s not quite simple and it is time consuming but you will grow and learn from each experience and it changes you for the better.

stay strong and don’t be sad anymore ( life’s too short to be constantly sad alright) think about your loved ones, what will they feel ? you may think that it won’t matter to them but nothing will fill the void in their hearts when you are gone. please think again. you are precious. 

 I really do hope you feel better and just please please please be okay. i love you and you’re amazing ok. stay happy : )

side note : watch the korean movie ” hello ghost ” it’ll make you feel better ! 



9 thoughts on “read this when you’re feeling suicidal”

    1. thank you so much for reading this post and i do hope it helps if you’re feeling that way. i have a few other posts regarding such topics so do check it out. lol wowz i’m not a psycologist but i do dream of becoming one (๑>ᴗ<๑)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, then don’t leave that dream! Truly, I don’t know how ur voice sounds, but your words are truly captivating. you r pressing them tight and deep. For sure u will succeed in getting people involved in appreciating ur words.Try it out.
        Believe me!
        (I’m not supposed to say this to ‘you’, but) Believe in yourself!
        You rock B


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