numbers don’t matter

it’s not that big of a deal but I reached 10 followers which is absolutely impressive to me because I never expected many to want to read my posts.

thank you and I ensure you more promising works coming your way.

I noticed how some bloggers ( I follow mostly other fellow writers) can post so many poems and writings in a week yet I don’t. I’ll try my best to come up with some content and post a few times a month but it’s hard. With no sophistication in English or a wide range of vocabulary, I find it rather hard to write. Also, this year is my streaming year so I have to work twice as hard but yeah I’ll be around here and then.

thank you for all the comments and likes. the comments especially energize and encourage me so thank you.

you are a bunch of amazing people and thank you for the support.

ok I have to go study now bYE


8 thoughts on “numbers don’t matter”

  1. It is absolutely a big deal! You should be proud. I posted a similar ‘thank you’ note on my blog not long ago – it’s a cool thing when you start actually getting followers. Don’t make light of it, and don’t feel silly because “10 isn’t a big number…”
    Keep posting awesome things, and before you know it, that number will double. And then triple. And so on and so fourth.
    Keep it up!


  2. My congrats, Stasia!

    I completely understand you! I can join to every word… a foreign language, a lack of time… it’s hard, yes! Sometimes I just think ‘What a hell! Why do I spend my time for this bullshit?!’

    But it something that makes you happy. Keep writing, Stasia!
    Quality is more important than quantity!
    1 post per week, 2 posts… it doesn’t matter.
    Be honest with yourself, with your readers… 10 followers is great! I’m proud that I’m among them 🙂

    Your Reader,
    Un ❤


  3. When i started with this blogging thing about 2 years ago, well first off I started writing 2 years ago after a 10 year hiatus, and exploring the web eventually found out about blogging and this wordpress thing. You can imagine the cave man i am when it gets to this social media thing. Anyways, started basically to read other people and learn from their writings, that´s why I frequently call it my free online university since I only did a year and a half before dropping out, bad idea by the way. And as time progressed I saw blogs of all types, photography, religious, you name it I started following and reading. So never in my mind did I think that what I wrote would have some interest to anybody, I just knew I had fun writing and reading. Period. So it´s all about that, having fun and learning.

    By the way, happy birthday.


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