a year older, a year wiser

I’m so immensely touched at the amount of people that actually wished me a happy birthday ( I’m not as subtle as I should be ) but yeah it means so much that people remember and people actually bother to send me a text or give me a hug.

my dearest family and relatives, thank you for sending me all the greetings and I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you again. i think it’s sweet you actually remember since I didn’t drop you any hints hAHAh shh I’m lame

and then to xuan the bæ , thank you for sewing me that cool iPhone holder. ( yes she actually sewed) . I was actually really freaking touched ok. you said I don’t appreciate home made things but it means much more than materialistic items and thank you for even bothering to get me that iTunes card. it’s not cheap and I know you could have used it on yourself yet you chose to use it on me. you’re so sweet and you better be excited for your present on April fools oK ily thanks

to everyone else who bothered getting me something, it doesn’t matter whether it is a life size poster of Luhan or a candle, I actually do appreciate the mere thought and I think it’s sweet people bother. you’re not obliged to ( yes even with my not so subtle hints ) but you still did despite your tight schedule and just thanks.

to everyone who wished me happy birthday be it online or in real life, thank you for wasting that few seconds in your life to just utter/ type happy birthday. it’s super sweet and I’m so touched you care. nearly a hundred with my real life friends and online friends wished me a happy birthday and it is indeed a feat for me. thank you so much.

I’m a year older and hopefully I will be a year wiser. Since last year, I feel I’ve changed both in a good and bad way. I’m far more hardworking and mature. I’m trying to be nicer and I’m trying to continue improving my flaws. Thank you for accepting me the way I am.

I’ve changed so much that sometimes I’m sad that I’ve become so careful and doubtful of people. I’ve become so cautious and skeptical. I’ve become so hidden and it’s pathetic but I guess this is what a year of events shape me into. Once again, thank you.

This year’s birthday has got to be one of my most enjoyable one and thank you for making it that way.

to the self proclaimed wiser and older Anastasia



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