fangirling with stasia

since I have been using this blog, I haven’t been able to release my feels so here I am.

warning the following post contains almost no vocabulary, bad grammar and awkward shortforms and the overuse of the word ‘ luhan ‘ and ‘hot’

you have been warned

omfg every video of luhan makes like my heart race and uRGH who the fRICK allowed him to be this hot. like have you seen that face. he’s so hot I melt when I see him. it’s actually quite hard to find videos since you know what happened but like oh well. I shall continue to cherish every single video of the hottest guy alive. I bet my clique is sick of me talking about him but he is my ultimate bias for a reason.

it’s really a long story but you really have got to blame my friend for getting me to start liking exo and once you get in, it’s rather tough to get out. I tried crawling inconspicuously , staying as unnoticeable as possible yet I was dragged back again. by this hot stuff


I mean just look at his face. I fall for him again and again just at the mere glance at his glory and you can’t stop me. I used to have almost 300 pictures of just him. yes just him but then I transferred pictures from my phone to my computer and bam it all disappeared. what a pity don’t you think.

he’s just so perfect like frICK you i don’t care if it’s plastic surgery or whatever. I like him and nothing shall change ok. people who criticize him makes me like angry like who are you to judge like stop. but they have their opinions so I don’t have much of a say.

back to the point, he’s so hot. hotter than curry ok. without the sun, he would probably be the hottest thing alive. I seriously tried forgetting his existence after he left but no it did not work at all. my brain tries to forget but my heart remembers him

he has been my bias ever since I caught sight of him like he’s so precious ok. no one can take his spot in my heart. years later, I will always remember him as a guy I loved and supported. it’s ok if he doesn’t know him. he’s so special to me. he makes me happy and he makes me a person that finds it hard to laugh laugh. he’s so amazing and considerate and he’s hot ( what a nice bonus point)


admire his glory. he can sing and he can dance and he is cute and hot and uRGh he’s so precious. I just can’t get over him alright. he makes me fall for him repeatedly and everything he does is absolutely adorable in my eyes. i don’t really like a certain person for this long but he is an exception I am willing to make. he is one of the few i liked for so long and he’s just so special.

grades > luhan > me > you

can you see his importance. he is just so adorable and I love him so much. he’s so sweet and just stop him already. I can’t wait for more of his works and I hope he stays in the entertainment industry

I will never ever get over him and I love you ok luhan.

should we continue admiring his face




hAHAh he’s trying to kill me with his jawline. it’s so sharp it can cut me ok. freaking cute like stop it luhan stop me before I die. he’s so perfect. his happiness is my happiness and like I just can’t ok. you’re perfect to me in every single way possible and just stay happy and healthy you little half a fifty shit hAHAh ily


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