my first friend ashley
took my trust
my memories with her
filled with sheer disgust

her words lacing with lies
yet i’m the fool who chose to believe
this was the first time
someone took advantage of me

my second friend ella
promised she would stay
what a liar she was !
i ended up being played

i went through tons of problems
she left me when I was alone
with that our friendship is broken
my suspicion on people grown

my third friend grace
broke me beyond repair
she told everyone lies
they believed and left

now I was alone
eyes welled up with tears
no one to go to for help
friends became my biggest fear

my last friend kate
she was the worst of the three
she killed me inside out
without a single sign of mercy

she was my last hope
oh how inhumane humans are
this is the last draw
au revoir



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