you and your lies

admit it, we all lie at least once a day or perhaps a few times a week. (i’m not quite sure how often but we do lie ) lying is predominant in life and it just happens unknowingly. sometimes we do it unintentionally ( for example white lies )but sometimes we do it intentionally to hide something else or to make one feel better ( or worse you choose )

to be honest, i hate lying. i hate the feeling of being jittery or guilty for lying. I hate deceiving others by lying. I hate constantly thinking of other lies to bury my current lies. I hate having to remember what I lat lied. I hate being lied to.

lying sucks and I absolutely abhor it. i rather be honest by telling the truth but the thing is the truth hurts. people don’t want the truth. they don’t want your honest opinion. they reject criticism despite it being the truth.

lies cover pain and every negative emotion possible. you lie about the smallest thing just to make everything seem okay. they can inflict pain ( of course ) but people often use it to make others as well as themselves feel better. WHICH I FIND STUPID. there’s this chinese idiom called ” 掩耳盗铃 ” where you basically lie to yourself. the story goes that there is a person that was going to steal a bell and he knew that it would create loud noises so he covered his own ears to steal so he can’t hear it but then everyone else can. this is what I feel about lying. you’re just foolishly cheating yourself

i think it’s fine to say white lies. it’s quite normal actually and it’s also a quick and mostly effective way to get away from trouble. this is probably one of the most common lies said. i do it too sometimes

now then there’s a time where you lie in order to feel better. you make up stories and you tell things that aren’t true just to perhaps boost your self ego or maybe to make yourself feel better. tHIS IS BAD this is bad because you will end up needing another lie to cover up your current lie and this vicious cycle might never end. i guess lying is ok ish if you lie and no one gets hurt (especially not you). but if lying causes some damage and even casualties then I advice you to be more careful.

people who are fake lie a lot and that irritates me because just imagine the amount of words that left their mouths that are actually untrue. they tell you things like ‘ you’re so pretty ‘ or like ‘ omf ur so perf ‘ which is obviously not true and that makes you find it hard to believe. i don’t like people who are too nice because it feels surreal and it just puts them off as fake. some people like being fed such compliments but certainly not me. being honest hurts. hearing honest comments about yourself hurts. but I rather get hurt but at least what I hear is true ; making me feel absolutely comforted

I feel that there is a limitation to what you lie about and how often you do it. you shouldn’t make it a perpetual habit since that is terrible but neither should you not lie. hAHAh contradicting myself again yay what I’m trying to say is that you cannot be too honest ( people hate that ) and you cannot always lie. have a balance and stay in the middle.

I promise no casualties will be involved if you stay right smack in the middle


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