read this when you’re stressed

stress is something you need yet wish you didn’t have. I think that you still need stress as a motivation ( again perception) to push you harder. so if you’re reading this, I bet you’re feel far too stressed than you would wish to feel.

I’m telling you that the feelings you’re experiencing is healthy. there must be a reason behind why you’re stressed, go and find the root of the problem.

let me give you an example, if I’m stressed because I’m tired at school and i can’t pay attention at all and I hate it so much. go do something time manage better and try to sleep earlier. these little things you do will really lower your stress but once again a little stress is good but I guess you need the right amount of stress.

stress is something you have to learn how to control. you’ll never stop feeling stressed ; you have peer pressure, stress from parents, stress from society, stress from yourself, stress from all the deadlines and whatnots. basically you get this crazy amount of stress but you have to learn how to handle it. take it healthily by using all your stress as a motivation. when i’m stressed, i tell myself to calm down and think cool before I continue my work. don’t let it get into your head.

but here are a list of other ways to relieve your stress :

firstly, you can have a rest. take a nap or sleep early. rest is important and it surely does lower the amount of stress you face. give yourself a break and you would feel a whole lot better afterwards.

secondly, you can eat. if you can’t solve your problem, devour it. that is my philosophy in life ( it is a rather horrid one but it is instilled in my life so) I mean eating is enjoyable. The feeling of a delectable treat melting on the tips of your tongue, doesn’t that itself relieve all the stress in you.

thirdly, you can have better time management. I’m sure most stress begins when we can’t meet deadlines so having proper time management would enable you to have less stress. it’s really a vicious cycle when you fuck mess up your time management so get it right from the start and things will eventually get better

so if you’re stressed, do any of the above and hopefully it will help. but it’s ok since a little stress will do you good in the long run


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