luhan sees

but he doesn’t see enough


“You’ll meet the love of your life next week.” Luhan crooned in an eerie lilt, his hot breath lingering near the brown haired boy’s ear, startling the poor boy out of his wits. The said boy eyed him suspiciously, moving backwards as slowly as he could, almost falling off the bench if not for his agility.

“Do I even know you?” Sehun deadpanned.He couldn’t help but feel slightly weirded out but the unexpected outburst of a stranger.

“You don’t know me but I know you. You’re Oh Sehun if I’m not mistaken.You’re born on 20th April on a rainy morning. Just a gift that god bestowed upon me. Call me special but this is nothing at-” His voice was abruptly cut off by loud chants from the brown haired boy beside him.

“I’m just dreaming. I’m just dreaming. This is a mere hallucination.” The said boy chanted outloud, unabashed by the weird looks that passer by gave him. Luhan raised his eyebrow, amused by the very sight of a rather tall and lanky hormonic teenage boy mumbling incoherent words of comfort.

A slap on the cheek broke Sehun’s reverie and he glared furiously at the cheeky owner of the hand that was still guiltily hanging by his slightly swollen cheek.

“What was that for?” He yelled indignantly, eyes staring unwaveringly at Luhan. The said boy shrugged nonchalantly, as though slapping a stranger was absolutely normal and he had the audacity to continue speaking.

He didn’t even apologize, how rude of him, Sehun thought.

“You were dreaming and chanting. I thought I lost you for a moment. But seriously, you should thank me. I’m giving you classified information that may or may not benefit you.” He blabbered off in a go, barely intelligible enough but Sehun had still managed to catch him. A smug smile had soon made it’s way onto Luhan’s face and he stood tall and mighty in triumph

“Fine Mr Fortune Teller. If you’re so good, tell me exactly what will happen to me for the whole week.” Sehun retorted, smirking at the loss of response. But of course, Luhan would never take defeat as an answer.

“Oh for crying out loud, how on earth do you expect me to know that.” Luhan groaned in exasperation. Sure he had a special ability but was the boy crazy, how could he ever expect him to know what will exactly happen for who knows how long.

“Hmm.” Luhan glanced at Sehun as he walked in circles around him, as though Sehun was an open book and he was reading him. “I’ll just warn you to stay away from anything wet and red if you’re alone for perhaps the rest of the week or so and make sure you look handsome and suave exactly seven days from now or your one true love would fall for this tall and clumsy acting yet extremely hot and cute hunk.” Luhan admonished, pointing his finger threateningly at the brown haired boy.

“And how am I supposed to trust a fake faced person like you? Your face looks as plastic as that of a porcelain doll.” Sehun quipped, self declaring his victory.

In your face, you bare faced liar. He thought.

Sehun: 1 Luhan: 0

“You meant my face looks as flawless and exquisite as a porcelain doll. The words seemed to have been jumbled up a little in that tiny brain of yours.” Luhan folded his arms in exultation, beaming from ear to ear as though he already had his next comeback hanging precariously at the tip of his tongue.

Sehun: 1 Luhan: 1

A palpable tie. How interesting.

“You can keep thinking that. So make me believe you’re real.” Sehun challenged, eyes fixed on Luhan, expectant of his next move. The said boy leaned forward near Sehun and he placed a small peck yet audacious on Sehun’s cheek. Sehun cocked his eyebrow, mortified by Luhan’s daring move and he could feel his cheeks burn up, his body turning fervid . He rapidly covered his now geranium coloured cheeks, in attempt to hide his embarrassment.

“I’m definitely real alright. Well, I’ll be off. Stay away from anything wet and red for a week. You’d be more than grateful if you heeded my advice. Bye then stranger and may fate let us cross paths one day.”

Sehun was in a trance for more than a minute, Luhan concluded from behind a bush, snickering before he finally left.


Jongin propped his arms lazily against the wall, paying little attention to his best friend. He stifled a yawn, stretching his tired body, hoping it would loosen the tension up his shoulders. Luhan had been rambling non stop about a boy he had met a few days before for the past hour and the so called spark he felt, as though ‘they were meant to be like Romeo and Juliet’ When Jongin corrected him and said that both the hopeless romance had passed away in a not so romantic way, he had earned himself a bruise on his elbow and a scratch on his shoulder.

“Were you listening all all Jongin?” Luhan asked impatiently, tapping his feet whilst folding his arms. His brows creased when his supposedly best friend had the audacity to shake his head.

“I wasn’t. I’m sorry please don’t kill me your maje- ow ow ow.” He chanted painfully, rubbing the swollen spot that inflicted a smarting sense of pain.

He glared at Luhan, yelling with his hands still trying to soothe the stinging pain.”That was painful asshole. ”

“It was supposed to be painful. What did you expect when you weren’t listening to me.” Luhan chastised, playfully sticking out his tongue at the grumbling boy.

“You’ve talked about him so many times already this week. Can’t a friend get bored. I mean like let’s talk about something more important.” Jongin started off whiny, complaining indignantly at the unfair treatment and ends with a much more mellifluous tone at the thought of another topic- more specifically about his future since his psychic best friend haven’t had the chance to show him his skills yet.

“But you aren’t important though.” Luhan teased, chortling at his own remark. Jongin glared at him, mumbling something along the lines of ‘I though we were friends’ inaudibly as he sulked indignantly.

“Oh c’mon. You know I was joking right Nini.” Luhan crooned, hands wrapped around his best friend in the whole wide world- Jongin who in return pushed his arms away as his brows furrowed.

“You can’t joke about my future you ass.” He pouted petulantly, arms crossed as he turned his back against Luhan. He grumbled furiously under his breath profanities as he childishly scolded his former best friend.

“I’m sorry. Don’t be such a child! Do you still want to know your future?” Kai nodded fervently, eyes fixated on Luhan as he attentively caught every word that left the brunette’s lips.

“Alright um let me see, you’ll meet a guy.”

“No shit Sherlock.” Kai deadpanned, scoffing at the obvious remark, seemingly impatient which was understandable when it was his future on stake.

” Shut your trap you shit biscuit just listen. You’ll meet a guy that is rather petite yet firm and authoritative with a tinge of adorableness or at least you think he’s really cute. It is extremely one sided because he is a person that feels easily suspicious but he will see light to your true colors which is nothing at all honestly. He shall accept you only after you prove yourself worthy which you’re not so in other words you’re screwed.” Luhan ransacked his thoughts , making sure he did not leave any crucial information out that might be deemed useful.

“Are you being serious ? ”

“The last line was drizzled with my opinion so on that note you have a slight bit of hope oozing from the bleakness in the situation.” Luhan was amused that Jongin could even believe his last line but he did find teasing his best friend a keen source of entertainment.

“Well geez thanks.” Jongin grumbled

“But seriously Jongin, when you do meet him, take him seriously. I can’t really see much since it’s blurry but that’s all I can say about it. “


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