pet peeves = you

so firstly what are pet peeves.

if I’m not mistaken, pet peeve is something that a particular person finds especially annoying and I guess it is considered a very informal way of expressing something you find exasperating . I think it became more widely known as a term through the Internet as it is a commonly used term online ( aka online slang )

so I have taken great pleasure to list some of my pet peeves and let’s see just how relatable this is to you ( I assume people hate the same thing but then again )

my first pet peeve is the sound of finger scratching paper or any dry and hoarse material ( like walls ) do not question my sanity because that irritable sound gets on my nerve. it makes me cringe and it makes every cell of my body tingle in disgust. if I ever hear someone make that sound, I will do something remotely unpleasant to you so please do not hurt yourself by doing something as foolish as that. i mean the mere thought is sending me to a fit of goosebumps. does anyone else feel my pain ?

next pet peeve of my never ending list is when people act close to you. I have one thing to say to you. goodbye. just please don’t come near me and act as though we’re the bestest buddies in the entire world because newsflash we’re nothing near that extend of friendship so do me a favor and stop. it’s different from being nice and being close. we can be nice like we’re both friends and we’re friendly but there is a limit where we stop. friends don’t really share food or like go to each other’s house or ask them to do ridiculous things like ” hey please sing and act like a idiot.” thats’s what very close friends do and it should come to a mutual agreement before one does things supposedly meant for good friends. ( I don’t make much sense do I ? )

one more pet peeve is having food that is too rich. food that is rich in flavor instead of sending euphoria through my body and happiness down my veins, it gives me a very bad migraine and so I don’t like food that is rich. they make me sick and they annoy me because they trigger my five senses into wanting a taste but then I try it and I feel nauseous and gross so gOODBYE RICH TASTING FOOD !!1!!1

next up, another pet peeve of mine is people that act pretentious. I believe owning and using a facade is only wise and necessary but sometimes it does quite get on my nerve and it downright irritates me. I mean if you have a subtle facade that you use to protect yourself. sure I excuse you but if you’re acting sheer fake and it’s so obvious a child would have known then there’s the door. kindly escort yourself out of my sight. just you disgust me but maybe I shouldn’t judge that fast ( bc that’s rude too ) but why do you have to be so obvious ( or am I just observant ) another pet peeve is people who judge solely on appearance and not on other factors. i strongly feel that judging others is part of human nature. it’s hard to control but people who do it solely on exterior appearance. well they make me sick because one’s looks does not define them. I admit a lot of my friends aren’t like extraordinarily pretty ( sorRY ILY GUYS) and neither am I but does it make us any lesser of a nice person to be with. being displayed ostentatiously is not what I want. you can be anything just be you. ( doNT TELL ME LIKE IM ORIGINALLY PRETTY OK ) you probably are but seriously, stop the judging and start loving !1!1!!1

one more pet peeve is grudges. I hate them because they often further break friendships that could have been fixed and they make things bleak and filled with hatred. if only grudges didn’t exist, how nice and beautiful the world would have been. I mean holding a grudge towards a petty issue is the ultimate worse and I think it’s a pretty terrible thing to do. time will heal and I feel that grudges should gradually disappear as time goes by.

one last pet peeve of mine is people who are insensitive ( ahEM ME 1!!1) being aware of the people around you is very very important. self consciousness is important too but you have to be careful of what you do or say because simple actions/words can hurt one’s feelings and it is easier to inflict life long pain and hatred ( even if you did it unintentionally ) there should be at least a slight bit of sensitivity shown to others. I guess it’s fair that way. I don’t expect anyone to be all out sensitive of the people around them since you would have to think so much before doing something and it feels unnatural. just do what you think is right but be more careful ( just in case you hate anyone. )

if you notice something, most of my pet peeves are people ( like 80%) but I have way more ( not necessarily on people) but I thought those are more relatable plus humans are one of my pet peeves so ( i elaborated and wrote too many points ) .

you are the people. people are my pet peeves


pet peeve = you



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