exo ; the truth 

i watched tons of people leave the exo l fandom to join other fandoms and they say things like exo is getting boring or exo is fake or exo has too much drama. of course they’re not in any way obliged to continue to like something that makes that unhappy. they have the freedom of choice in terms of their preference and it’s totally normal to lose interest. i just wished people saw how amazing each member is despite how significantly their images are held 

they’re to a certain extent fake because idols all wear a facade. they mask their emotions and their actions and words are often restricted and they must stick close to their image. it’s not just exo that is fake ; every single celebrity is fake since they’re not exactly showing their true selves to us since most fans buy their images. fans are driven by the thought of their idols being perfect with their flawless image but I can assure you that our “oppas” are far from that. 

but the thing is I admire and adore their imperfections. it makes me feel a sense of familiarity with them that hey they’re not perfect. sometimes when they seem too far and too surreal, I realize they have insecurities they have issues and they are human. 

a lot of people claim that Exo’s popularity was not based on their own efforts but i can assure you that popularity is not based on efforts. truth be told, popularity is based on luck and timing. they happened to debut at the right time with smashing hits ( in my opinion) and therefore they gained attention. setting aside the fact that they are from sm. I always think that kpop groups that turn famous deserve their attention considering the effort and tenacity that they put to be where they are so they have every right to be famous. 

exo is downright splendid. with twelve equally good looking men with twelve completely unique and one of a kind personality, who could possibly resist them ? don’t like the charismatic members, fear not because they have cute members as well as hot members and the choices are unlimited with each member having multiple charms that are sure to attract you. they can sing, dance and concurrently do both at the same time , what more can you ask for. 

people often claim how exo is not as natural as other bands and they always have their image intact and they don’t interact with other girl groups or basically have no life but have you ever wondered how life is like for them. they must live each day with tons of problems to bear. I mean yes they chose this lifestyle but I bet they never expected it to be this hard.

they’re quite sad to me. in the midst of triumph of progressively being the best, they have so much on their minds ; can’t date. can’t be with family all the time. get lots of hate. this makes me really admire how strong they are as person. 


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