commitment ( or lack thereof )  

commitment ; the state of being dedicated to a cause, an activity ecetra 


I feel that commitment is something we lack. 

be it in a friendship or at work or anything at all really. it saddens me to see people doing things for the sake of it and they don’t stay fully devoted to something. it really is to give your all in whatever you do and to do your very best . it’s not that hard. I believe that without commitment, things feel meaningless. what’s the point of half assed work ? if you’re so unwilling in everything you do what’s the point. what’s the point of a friendship that bears no commitment ?

I believe in commitment to an activity. if you signed up for something  , do it and enjoy the entire process – even if it is absolutely boring. you should fully devote your time when necessarily in every mean possible. you can be doing voluntary work or even be signing up for a competition, stay committed to it. don’t waver and don’t be indecisive. once you decide on something, give you very best.

next commitment in any form of relationship – from boyfriend girlfriend to friend & friend. there should be commitment. you don’t just let go when they’re in trouble. as much as possible be there. the contribution to a helathy relationship is two sided which requires both side to stay committed to the other. 

( the relationship in this context is the way in which two or more people regard and behave towards each other. not a emotional association between two individuals )


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