note: this post is talking about popularity in the context of being popular in school.

popularity: the state of being liked and supported by many

popularity is something most teenagers yearn for. they want to experience the feeling where every other teenager from school or even outside recognizes them for their coolness and their looks or whatever else there is

i , likewise , felt that being popular meant the world and that you had to be popular to survive. but lo and behold, I was so wrong. 

I agree the popularity to a certain extent feels great ; where your instagram followers are tremendous and where your whatsapp is constantly overflowing. but then what is the point of it ? it doesn’t make you richer and neither does it make you a better person? it certainly does none of the above.

 to be honest, will popularity feed your family for the decades to come or will they help to pay off your bills ? 

I used to once admire the popular, looking up to them with adoration and awe. but as time past, I don’t see the point as to how they are different from any of us and yet they are labeled as popular. it is quite different if they were well recognized for their acadamics or their leadership qualities but for other shallow means, then it is rather unnecessary.

everyone thinks it’s great to be popular but I stand firm on my thoughts that however great it feels, it will slowly fade and soon disappear. 

after all school popularity as the name states will only last in school.


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