Jack of no trades, master of none

I think I lead a rather pathetic life. no I don’t mean about how rich or how poor I live but more of the way I live.

I’m not skinny nor am I pretty. i’m bad at everything possible. you name it. I can’t dance or sing or draw. I’m not musically or artistically inclined. I can’t do any type of sports. I’m terrible at handicraft and things to do with using your hands to form a product ( sewing folding origami ) it’s not about skills that I can pick up but those talents in me. I have none. a friend would read this and I dare you to rack your mind to find something I’m good at aside from my studies and I can assure you that you will find absolutely nothing

the worst of all is my results aren’t even fantastic. I’m probably the furthest thing from being all rounded and this being said shows how doomed I am for life. 

so just imagine this, I’m bad at a whole lot of things even after trying which explains why I’m the jack of no trades but master of none. I don’t even take up a lot of things and yet I fail to do well with anything I can possible do. it explains my low self esteem and pestimism on everything – I’ve tried so many times I give up trying. both my results and personality aren’t great . 

I’m a human mess but yet I still have to pull through , right ?


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