lunch in the dark

lunch in the dark is one of the most interesting activity I have ever gone through ; the other being dialogue in the dark.

it is exhilarating to have a three course meal wrapped in complete darkness. at first it was uncomfortable and awkward, having the most important sense in my opinion snatched away. our server was a male named William who was visually impaired.

 the entire experience indeed made me empathize with people who are blind and now I feel thankful for the pair of eyes I own. being in the dark makes you feel naked ; so vulnerable for you can only see black blanketing your sight. I didn’t quite like the feeling of opening your eyes to see only black and reaching out so far yet all you do is grab the air.

your sense of touch certainly comes in handy at moments like these and I found myself groping everything on the table to figure out what it was. on my 3 o clock was a fork and a knife and on my 12 o clock was a serviette and a dessert spoon and an empty cup and on my 9 o clock was a spoon.

with the given information, we had to try and consume our meal in the most ladylike manner which was definetely not a piece of cake.

our first task was to pour a glass of water. initially I was terrified since I thought that I would end up soaked but thankfully nothing of that sort happened. I leaned the pitcher near the edge of the cup as i gingerly poured it close to the brim. now the challenging part was to make sure that the water didn’t overflow. I daringly lifted it off the table and I depended on my gut feeling which really wasn’t quite wise of me.

next we were served with the appetizer. the soup was amazing. maybe it is because I have temporarily lost the sense of sight because the soup tasted exceptional. the aroma wafting in the air had my stomach growling, much to my aversion. I cautiously felt for the spoon before scooping the anticipated first scoop of soup. the first scoop was warm and creamy. it felt foreign but it was nice. even after many tests I couldn’t quite make out what I was eating. something along the lines of mushroom soup and chicken soup

next, salad was served. I unabashedly used my fingers to map out where the salad was before finding my fork and poking my crunchy snack. it was tough. the lettuce never seemed to ever stay on and it would drop before it reached my mouth but nonetheless i managed to finish my food.  

the highlight of the session was our main dish. it was bolognese spaghetti with grilled chicken chop and oh my it was delicious. words cannot express how good it tastes, especially with the senses enriched. I was slurped my noodles hungrily, albeit slightly messily. I had to make sure I was near my plate so I won’t spill. I couldn’t really cut since it was hard and I certainly did not want a flying piece of meat soaring from a table to another so I had to be careful as I slowly chewed it straight from the large piece. 

last but not least, coffee/tea ( based on your prefence ) and a mini tiramisu was served. it was indeed the cherry atop of a sundae. the last finishing touch. it was a tiny quadratical cup with layers of foamy goodness in it, almost brimming. I sipped the tea while I savored each bite of the palatable desert. what a great way to end our meal !

soon light flashed past my eyes and i regained my sense of sight. it was a pity it was over but I certainly did enjoy the entire experience. It taught me much and I really learn how to appreciate what I have. 

trust me every sense is a God given gift , miracle even , that we should appreciate. you will feel a palpable sense of loss without any so appreciate.


4 thoughts on “lunch in the dark”

  1. It´s all good and well to empathise with the blind but wasn´t it a bit torturous to not know where the fish was or the potatoes or whatever you ate….If I go to launch I think it should be fun and for me fun is able to see that big stake sitting there and me munching on it, if I can´t see it…..well is just not the same. But hey, the idea of fun each to his own, different ideas of fun people have. But certainly your experience I have to say is unique. Never in my life I´ve heard this. So glad you enjoyed it.


    1. it was actually hard but I managed better than I expected. I felt the perimeter of the plate and from that i was able to gauge where my food should be. it wasn’t the easiest but it was possible. there’s a place where I’m from called dialogue in the dark and they have all these programs where you try all different things so this is one of many. you should search it up, I assure you that it’s a meaningful and enjoyable activity.


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