I’ll play along with your games 

I’m not quite sure if I’m being too sensitive but sometimes people can be so insensitive to my feelings. As much as possible, I try to be more careful with what I say and I apologize as soon as I realize I said something out of hand because I feel that it is only right that way. I believe that everything we do and say will eventually impact other’s and thus being insensitive might hurt someone else unintentionally and I don’t want that to happen ever. 

People are always so insensitive of the way I feel and they expect me to be the one that acts maturely. It’s annoying in my perspective to be honest because why must I always give way every single time ? Why can’t I at least once be the one that says mean things ? Why  must I be at the receiving end ?

I don’t quite get why people are allowed to hurl hurtful remarks towards me but I’m never allowed to. They tell me I’m fat or I’m ugly and everything they say is equivalent to ” hey you’re insufficient ” and they just don’t get how lousy i feel about it

They tell me things like ” are you jealous of my flat stomach ” or even ” bet you can’t fit in a size s ”  and that honestly hits me so hard because they know nothing about me and yet they brazenly insult me without knowing how I feel and I feel so so small because no one seems to care about how I feel.


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