suck it up

honestly I whine and complain a lot. I complain when the weather is hot and humid and when it is far too cold. I whine when people insult me. I whine about almost everything which is pretty terrible. I noticed that when people whine too much, it gets annoying. how much can a person console you because at the end of the day it gets tiring doesn’t it. 

slowly I stopped bothering whether people consoled me or not. I stopped whining so much (  I’m in the process at least ) if I’m genuinely sad I will bawl my eyes off and then make myself feel better. I don’t need anyone to tell me to be happy because I will be happy for my own sake. I don’t need people to encourage me to be optimistic because if I choose to be pessimistic so be it. It’s my life so if I choose to make a decision that will ultimately affect my life negatively then it’s my fault. I just have to learn how to suck it up and feel better without people having to make me feel better.

don’t you get tired of consoling someone every single time. it’s like your feelings are insignificant to them and they don’t really care whether you feel upset. it’s always about them and only them. I get exhausted for sure and I feel so sorry for the friends I treated with insufficient concern when they bothered so much for me. I know exactly how you feel now.

friends aren’t supposed to make you this tired. I admit there are times when you feel sad and you feel like ranting but I think it is only right to do it sparingly and to be conscious of what the listener is feeling. she isn’t obliged to listen to you yet she does because she cares so please please please give her the right amount of attention she deserves.

but really, in life you got to just suck it up and move on.


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