if you want a toy, go to a toy shop. 

I’m not a toy. i’m a mere human that has emotions and will get hurt in the event of insensitive remarks getting hurled towards her. I have feelings. As much as I try to ignore whatever negativity that comes my way, some times I just remember that im merely human and it is okay to feel hurt but why exactly would people do or say such things.

I always believe that people say things because they strongly believe it to a certain extent. If a person jokingly calls you something, I’m sure that she meant it. It’s funny because a person’s feelings on you can be seen from their words and actions. Frankly, it’s not hard to miss. 

People just have to stop treating me like a toy that they replace. I have feelings. I’m not interested on fully devoting myself to our one sided friendship where in reality, im just someone you plan to discard. You can’t just put me away when you get bored of me. 


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