bucketlist : detailed version 

so here’s the more detailed version of my bucketlist. I will be posting short reccounts of what had roughly happened so that it will not just be a tick but a short story that holds meaning and brings memories. 

B U C K E T L I S T :

meet exo ⭕️

Meeting them was exhilarating and nervewrecking. I took it a lot calmer than I thought I ever would. After taking a liking in them, I never got a chance to see them in real life and meeting them was truly a mere dream for me. But luckily for me, the dream became my reality through the 2 hour concert. One thing I am certain of after meeting them is they have perfectly chiseled features that are extremely appealing to the eye, especially in person. Until today, that day still feels surreal but im glad it ever happened

go to a karaoke with friends ⭕️

Going to a karaoke may not be anything special to most people. Personally, to do it with friends meant a lot. I am an extremely terrible singer and so it took me a lot of courage and self assurance before I dared to break out of my comfort zone and sing to my hearts content. Through this, I learnt to really just love my own voice no matter how out of tuned it is. Nowadays, the karaoke has been a great meet up location for me and my friends  and they often enjoy each’s others company.

go to universal studios with friends ⭕️

go to Disneyland with friends ⭕️

go for a concert  ⭕️

rock climbing ⭕️

killing a crab ⭕️

get 10k followers on instagram ⭕️

take the red or blue roller coaster in universal studio 

complete writing an entire fanfiction 

go to Korea

go to Japan

travel to a country with only friends

travel to a country alone 

learn korean 

stay up till the sun rises to watch horror movies

go to a concert with friends

learn a kpop boy group choreography 


get 50k followers on instagram


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