in life, there’s a million of things that one would want to do before they leave the world. it might be the simplest things like sewing a button or something more complex like flying to the moon. it doesn’t really matter whether you can complete the entire list but there is definitely a sense of satisfaction whenever you put a tick on this special list and I wish that as I grow up, the amount of things I do in life will pile up. As I experience each item i hace written on my list, I will write a short recount of what had happened to make things more interesting but that will be on a separate post. I may not be the most accomplished economically or in terms of social status etc, but I think completing these things will make me more accomplished than anyone else in the world and I’m good with just that. so here goes nothing :

B U C K E T L I S T :

meet exo ⭕️

go to a karaoke with friends ⭕️

go to universal studios with friends ⭕️

go to Disneyland with friends ⭕️

go for a concert  ⭕️

rock climbing ⭕️

killing a crab ⭕️

get 10k followers on instagram ⭕️

take the red or blue roller coaster in universal studio 

complete writing an entire fanfiction 

go to Korea

go to Japan

travel to a country with only friends

travel to a country alone 

learn korean 

stay up till the sun rises to watch horror movies

go to a concert with friends

learn a kpop boy group choreography 


get 50k followers on instagram

eat at waku chin


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