pick me up

“hey.” sehun crooned in the manliest – and self proclaimed hottest voice he could offer, hoping that he could sweep the brunette off his feet. yes this is it. he thought to himself triumphantly, almost as though victory was already knocking at his door.
“yes ? i’m a little busy right now so maybe you should – “
“hi, do you want to have my children. ” he asked confidently, almost chuckling at his own sense of humor, which in a way was rather conceited but he is an egotistic person to begin with.
the latter stared in shock, mouth agape as he looked slightly exasperated by the rude pick up line. 
“uh… i’m not interested and technically i’m a guy. scientifically speaking, I don’t have the ability to bear a child since i do not have a uterus and neither do I have the patience to hold a life for 9 months when my major examinations are in a years time so there is the door over there and I would appreciate you could kindly escort yourself or would you prefer for me to kick your butt out ” he dismissed the stranger, feeling rather annoyed at the intruder that was disturbing his studying time. he tried to remain as composed as possible but he was sure he sounded rather incoherent but it’s fine as long as his message was understood.
sehun blinked. eyes meeting the stranger’s as he tried to filter the words that left the petite man’s lips. he was rather fast for such a little man that it leaves sehun feeling astonished.
“okay okay wait give me a another chance. at least tell me your name or else I’ll use more pick up lines up that’s hidden up my sleeve on you and you-” sehun was quickly cut off, much to his surprise.
“it’s luhan.”  
“what.” sehun was absolutely shocked at the response that he was not excepting but that name did fit such an angel like the man before his eyes. 
“my name is luhan.”
“oh. that’s a pretty name with someone with such a pretty ass.” he said suavely, even letting a smirk grace his lips. luhan rolled his eyes at the unbearable sight.
“you should leave before I call security as I personally let my pepper spray rain on your body, hopefully blinding you.” luhan cooed, sounding far too sadistic for such a gentle and demure looking man, much to sehun’s amusement. 
“but I’m already blinded by your beauty and al-“
“just leave already.” luhan sighed, head down on the table as he pointed at the exit.
“I’ll be back just you wait.” He exclaimed on the top of the lungs, destroying the serenity present, much to luhan’s dismay before he finally left

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