two faced

it honestly scares me how two-faced most people are. since when did ” I like you ” become ” I hate you ” and ” you’re so pretty ” become ” you’re not actually pretty, I was being nice. “

it’s odd, don’t you think ?  everything seems to have a double meaning and people don’t say what they truly feel anymore. I would be lying if I said I was honest all the time but lying is the only way to life, isn’t it. people just enjoy hearing sugar coated lies and compliments and they often find it offensive to hear insults ( which may possible be entirely true.) 

I honestly prefer people who are honest.  if I’m fat, I’m fat. it’s a fact and nothing will change that. if you think im ugly, it’s fine with me since that’s your opinion and beauty is pretty subjective.  I used get so offended by what others say, but nowadays I just learn to accept everything. it’s their mere honest opinion and they’re entitled to it. if I’m not happy with what they say, I just have to ignore it. 

I remember once a girl walked over to the table I was eating at to talk to someone at the table. after she left, she became the topic that everyone at the table was talking about and they started discussing how she was pretty but her body was too big and her thighs were far too large and that she only looked good in picture. it stunned me. I hadn’t expected them to change that quickly, just right after the said girl had left. in front of her, they had bright grins but the moment she left, they started to blatantly gossip about her and it made me think so much. 

it scared me. i’m not quite sure if people mean what they say anymore. are the words that leave everyone’s mouth mere lies ? do people even say what they mean anymore ? why do people hide their honest opinion ? does listening to compliments which are lies feel good ? why do people act this way ?

the questions filled my head and until today I am still stumped. it frightens me how easily people change and the things that leave their tongue are so toxic and wicked. what happened to innocence and honesty ? is it all gone ? what has the world today become ? 


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