kindness melts the heart 

today, I experienced what I call kindness that melts the heart. I never felt this way for a long time. it’s a beautiful feeling, something warmer than any type of fur wrapped around your figure, something that makes you smile subconsciously, something I didn’t think I would experience on an exchange programme overseas. 

I was taking a mini bus in Hongkong for the first time. My buddy and I were queuing for a bus home and the queue was rather long. We were pretty annoyed it was that long because we were both tired after a whole day out. Finally, the bus arrived and we followed the string of people as we entered. Unfortunately, only i entered. A foreigner who was totally clueless to the bus system and the local language entered alone, pathetically alone without wifi. I was extremely confused when I entered without her as I stood rooted to the ground, extremely dumbfounded. She managed to tell me where the address was but how was I going to tell that to a driver without being able to speak Cantonese. I dumbly trudged to the back of the bus as fear filtered through my system. What was I going to do ? What the hell was I supposed to do ? I looked around anxiously, trying my best to figure out what to do. I noticed a girl from sacred heart sitting beside me and I asked her if I could borrow her phone to call someone.
 Without second thought, she kindly complied and my shoulders felt light again, as if all the weight on my body was gone. I called my buddy again and helplessly asked her what i should do. I don’t know what I was thinking, perhaps fear was talking for me, I told her my plights and she was kind enough to ask if I wanted directions. She then offered me that she would let the bus driver know to stop at my stop. I expressed my anxiousness and worry to her. Despite the fact that she stays at the 10th streets and i stay on the 70th street, she offered to follow me all the way to my lodging. I was just a stranger to her yet she offered to wait with me, putting away her needs for the sake of me, going out of the way to help me. I never experienced kindness from a stranger in this manner and I didn’t think it would touch me as much as it did. 
This small act of kindness is much more impactful than it looks. Indeed kindness brings the world around.
ps this badly written post isn’t enough to show her amazing kind act and I’ll probably edit it but I hope people would learn to be kind without having anyone to impress because if I could, I would do the same.

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