read this when you’re jealous 

tons of things make one jealous. be it looking at the guy you like getting close to another girl or having a friend beat you for every single subject, they all have the same effect in spiting jealousy. it’s pretty normal to feel jealous. but I suppose it is best felt in moderation. so if you’re reading this right now, you just be jealous over something. I’m rather curious what could have caused it but I’m going to try and make you feel better !

I think I’ll start by giving a personal example. I’m bad at a lot of things. I can’t sing or dance or draw or cook or play any sports well and I don’t excel that well academically, just an average girl with mediorce results. To be honest, I would feel jealous ( more of envious ) when people have what I don’t ( which is essentially a lot of things ). But at the end of the day, I choose to merely look at what I have compared to what I don’t. Sure, she has better grades than me but is grades really all that matters. Or perhaps she has more friends than me but does having more friends matter in the long run, they’ll come and go eventually. 

I think jealousy strikes from a small burning splinter, if you don’t blow it away immediately, it’ll blaze and who knows what ridiculous things you’d do when you’re jealous. I think a good way to get rid of jealousy is to question it, why am I jealous, what’s the big deal about it ? Somehow this works with me and I tend to forget eventually.

Another way is to perhaps forget. Distance yourself from what makes you jealous and it’ll help a lot. When you think less and see less of what makes you jealous, the feelings will automatically fade gradually. Don’t rush it, let nature take its course and you just do your part on distancing yourself. I think the more you think too much, the more you feel jealous so stop the over assumption. 

I think one thing that makes many jealous is to see someone you like talk to someone else or even worse get closer to the person you like. I just have one thing to say. Get over it. The person you like will always be talking to someone else and he or she will always his or her own circle of friends and you can never change that. Alternatively, try out getting closer to him or her. If it’s futile, you’ll still find someone better out there. There’s tons of people out there so don’t you worry. You may think he’s the one and he’s perfect but perfection is perception and beauty is in the eye of the beholder ! I don’t think this was much of advice but I do hope it helped. Keep calm and feel better ! 


2 thoughts on “read this when you’re jealous ”

  1. To covet, to be jealous is a tough thing to overcome. I have never been the jealous kind. One thing I picked up on though is your self-esteem. You may see yourself as mediocre but I believe you are a good writer. Take pride in your accomplishments. We all have our gifts. I wrote a blog about gifts. You should read it.


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