my little joys

I’m definitely not the most optimistic person out there. I always seem to be down and you hardly ever see me smile but really, I’m quite a happy person. I think it’s not about what I have in life that makes me happy but the attitude I have towards many things in life. I think that perception is perfection. To perceive something in a positive light would allow things to seem better. That’s how I look at all things around me as much as possible and it makes everything better. 

I call this seeking little joys in life. It’s something that keeps me going in life, my little joys. There are so many little joys in life and by being grateful for each one of them, I feel that life doesn’t seem all that bad anymore. Being positive is not that tough. It’s the act of not taking things to heart but instead taking them with a pinch of salt. It’s  about being appreciative for the most trivial things. 

There are honestly many things I’m dissatisfied about in life. I don’t wish to elaborate but vaguely my grades and my achievements in life and my appearance and the list could go on. But the thing is, I’ve given up on moping and whining about the things I do not have because nothing will change, the things I don’t have will remain the same, I will not have them no matter what. Instead, I could perhaps work towards getting what I want and to do so, I’d need a positive mindset. 

” Everything is my little joy. ”  

I always repeatedly chant this statement when I’m feeling down. It may seem foolish of me to do so but it helps. I complain less and I appreciate more. I treat everyday setback as a lesson and I look at every person that left as a mere person who left great memories. My brain tends to erase the unnecessary information – the grudges, the pain ,the hurtful feelings. Emptying my heart in this manner has only been helpful thus far. 

You’re probably thinking I’m crazy, how can every experience be a supposed little joy but i’d like to say you’re wrong. You see, perhaps you lost this close friend of yours that was extremely  significant to you but this made you make another friend. Or alternatively, you didn’t get to eat ice cream today but on the bright side, you’re consuming less calories today !  It’s this sort of silly thoughts that motivates me in life. 

Hopefully after my long ramble, you’d realize that life is not as bad and soon I hope you start finding your little joys too.


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