The universe works in mysterious ways, every consecutive decision made by the world in unison has led to different circumstances and positions we are in. Lesser minds, or more commonly known as destiny, our paths crossed with others. We've met people who made an impact on our life in various ways, both negatively and positively. 

It's quite interesting how destiny works, how a single decision, be it yours or someone else's , can change your path and the paths of many others. How intriguing it is that a single decision in life could possibly affect another's life, a stranger which you may have never met or will never meet. It makes me realize that some things just aren't meant to be and things happen and it's simply out of your control. Things that happen are not just a result of your choice, but instead the unison of choices that ultimately results in the circumstances you're put in and the problems you would face. 

But the thing about destiny is that things in life are not fated to betide, you can change your path in life and how things will turn out based on your attitude in life, or perhaps your extreme patience and perservance. So when things do not turn out your way, fear not. Stand up against it and do something to change it. Never mope for too long or believe you can't do something, because I believe that with perservance and sheer determination, anything is possible. I mean if there's a will, there's a way right ? You're not fated to do this or that or fated to be something in life, this is your life, you can do anything you want and be anything you want if you tried. It may not turn out the best but hey at least you tried so kudos to you for trying. 

Do you ever feel regretful of certain people that have came into your life ? I'm sure there must be a handful of people that you wish you never met. Unlike you, I do not regret because everyone who has entered my life has been a lesson and an experience for me to grow and learn from. It has made me who I am today. Those who have left have left and minority stayed and that's okay with me. I'm far more than grateful for those who have stayed and maybe one day, it's their turn to leave. But hey that's alright, people come and go. It's quite funny how destiny toys with me though. How many whom i have lost contact with somehow came back into my life again, rather amusing if you ask me. That's how it is with destiny, I guess. Mysteriously and wondrously.   


3 thoughts on “destiny”

  1. hi. thanks for the like. I followed you. Destiny..spending too much time on computer and my monitor broke today. I wrote an article on and wondered if you’d glance at it. It’s about music therapy although the way they changed the name of my original title you’d never know it’s about Nine Inch Nails and The Smiths and others. Could you look at it? Every click is a mini miracle!!!

    Are you on instagram too? I am not a virus or trying to sell anything. I just wonder if the name of my article is decipherable or if I’m just a malcontent.

    What is exo;


    1. thank you for following and reading my posts ! really appreciate it. yeah I’ve taken a look on your article, rather nice if you asked me. Yes I’m on Instagram as well. Exo is a korean boy group !


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