Finding captain yoo

Recently, there has been a craze for the Korean drama ‘ Descendants of the Sun. In a nutshell, it is about a soldier and a doctor and how their paths intertwined and a love story that develops between the two whilst they deal with both their personal and professional struggles. The drama may be unrealistic because what are the odds of the actions and drama happening in real life.

With how crazily suave and attractive the lead male actor is and how pretty and adorable the lead female actress is, girls and guys start to form an unrealistic expectation on their significant other which I feel shouldn’t happen. Guys want to find their Yoon Myeongju while girls want to find their Captain Yoo. My stand on this is that either is impossible. We shouldn’t be seeking for something like a perfect lover when we have unpretty sides to us too. Things like appearance shouldn’t be the main reason why we’d date someone. It’s just superficial, find someone because of their personality and your chemistry with them and of course feasibility. 

Back to the point, there’s no way you’d find someone like the characters portrayed in the drama, besides they were potrayed in such a way we’d only see the beautiful and nice side to them. They don’t show imperfections of the characters or their petty arguments they share over something trivial or perhaps their struggle to make ends meet and that a relationship isn’t just full of cheesy pick up lines and kisses and hugs. It’s about commitment, trust and just bringing out the best of each other. What we see is a mere product of two fictional character put together and we have to learn that we’d never find someone like that in real life. 

However, I feel that despite the fact that we can never find someone perfect in life, we’d perhaps be lucky enough to find someone perfect for us. We would one day find someone we would love with all our heart and we’d find the Caption Yoo or Yoon Myeongju in them. They may not be the best looking out of the millions of options, neither will they be the smartest or the most capable. They would have their flaws and quirks that may possibly irk and annoy you, but you’d still love them all the same. Nothing matters more than the feelings that you feel (and the feasibility but that’s beside the point ). 

With this, I’d wish you the best of luck in finding the Captain Yoo in whoever that lucky guy is ! 


8 thoughts on “Finding captain yoo”

  1. Well taken point
    a soul mate is so important
    But what’s more important
    Is what fits to your comfort
    It took some fifty years before
    I found the right one
    And I do mean it
    Because I got realistic
    For once in my life
    The Sheldon Perspective


  2. The journey to find someone is a long and hard journey. As heartbreak is a real possibility, we should always try to remember to stay true to ourselves. Perfect love is a fairytale. Love takes time, and work. Love is a commitment not a feeling. The problem with today is people expect it to be easy. Love is something to be worked on and fireproofed. Not that the fire will never come, but ready for the day it does.


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