You are more than numbers

You are more than just ink printed digits and hastily structured remarks. You are more than numbers printed on a fancy sheet of paper that collects dust and is eventually forgotten. You are more than bound records of a’s and b’s that falls into oblivion in the near future when you cease to exist. You are more than definitions in the biology textbook or the equations in your algebra homework. You are more than mere black and white written numerals and alphabets. You are more than a mere product of society and you must never let anyone make you feel otherwise. 

Yes, results are highly important and they bring you further in life with your given qualifications. However, they do not define you as a person, they do not determine your self worth. You are worth so much more than you think you are and what your results show. It doesn’t matter whether all your subjects are on the brink of failing or if you’re getting straight A’s. You are still as amazing and you are as equal as the next and I hope you know that. 


6 thoughts on “You are more than numbers”

  1. Often we put a great deal of our self worth as defined by what we do, how others perceive us, the car we drive, house we live in. The sad part is when all of that’s gone who are we? You’re absolutely right, we must know who we are when none of that’s around.


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