You’re an amazing human bean

I’m not quite sure what you’re feeling and I’m pretty sure what I say won’t help much because a) you already know all this or b) oh no my opinions are completely flawed because after all I am inexperienced and possibly immature and who am I to tell you what to do and what to feel right ? But do I care about the fact what i’m doing doesn’t make sense, not quite because i just want you to feel better because to me you’re an amazing human being and you know what amazing human beings deserve ? They deserve to be happy.

Hey I admit life isn’t great, it’s pretty horrible at times but life isn’t ever going to get easier and it’s never going to get better for you or anyone else but I guess that’s where you step in. It’s the way you view life, the way you find beauty in simplicity and everything that happens. it may seem too positive but hey that works alright, being positive works because if things seem easier and feel better then hell yeah life feels a tad better. 

No one will love you or care about you as much as you love and care for yourself. Similarly, no one will ever believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. So please please do yourself a favor and learn to love yourself and believe in you because god damn it you’re really great and I believe in you alright. Just learn to appreciate the little things you have and the little things around you – the sky’s really blue and pretty today and the clouds look equally great.

Don’t bother moping too much because life’s too short to mope. If you’re sad, mope for a bit and then wake up, stand up and move on. With every sad memory, every friend who’s left and every unfortunate thing that has ever happened to you, it’s also a lesson for you to grow and be stronger for greater things you’ll face in life. It hurts I know but learn to forgive and forget and really look at everything negative in the most positive light. make things better for yourself because it’s way way way easier this way. You know what you do with sad things, look and them and reflect and think and cry all your sorrow away and then pack it up and tuck it safely at the back of your mind and whenever you wanna think bout it again, don’t cry anymore, smile and know it’s over and you’ve grown and it’s okay and it’ll get better.

I don’t know who you are but guess what i care and im sure many people care about you and im darn sure you’ll do great things in life ( great in your own littlest way ) and with this I wish you the best and may you feel better and be happy and just be okay. You don’t have to listen to what I say at all just i hope in the slightest way it helped or at least earn a grin from you.

Side note I can’t write but that’s besides the point. Smile, you little amazing human bean  ! You’re a bean because you’ve bean there done that and I hope you’ll grow stronger and be happy ! 


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