the voices in my head 

There are voices in my head when no one is around, when i’m all alone in the comforts of my room. They’re so peculiarly familiar, the ones i’d hear so much that i’ve grown to expect the same from everyone around me. That even my own mind is saying the same things. How strange.

Look at yourself. Don’t turn away from the sight before you. i know it isn’t alluring. But this is what you are, unattractively shaped and faced. A worthless being. A flawed creation. A lousy excuse of a human being. Anyone who sees you would be feeling as revolted as you are. 
Look at yourself. No, i mean really look at yourself. Promise me you’ll stare hard at every detail of that body of yours. Scrutinize every inch of that body. The imperfections are becoming more apparent, aren’t they. They’re sticking out like that flabby belly of yours. 

Stand in front of the mirror in your unmentionables. See for yourself how absolutely hideous you look in your bare state. No layers of make up or clothes can hide the grisly sight of you. You’re unprepossessing, no one sees you ( or the beauty in you ). 

Mirror mirror on the wall, let the image before me disappear once and for all ( or maybe i should disappear after all ) 


11 thoughts on “the voices in my head ”

  1. This is how it is everyday. Am I good enough to do what I want ? Can I achieve all that I want to achieve ? When people are looking at me, do they like me as I would hope they would ?
    Great words, really loved it !


  2. We are all flawed. We must learn to first love ourselves. We were created and we beat the odds. We are special in every way. Faith to know where our hearts will take us, and someone someday will see us for our worth. Doubt and fear attack us all the time. We just need to realize to tell the difference between warning, and unhealthy thoughts. Keep writing, I love it.


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