dear 2016

dear 2016,

you weren't the nicest to me yet oddly i am starting to miss you. i've fallen a couple of times because of you, you stuck your foot right out and i guess i just wasn't careful enough, or maybe you're just horribly sly. i'm not sure whether i should hate you or not, because you've taught me many valuable life lessons and random nonsense that somehow will benefit me ( or not ). you've let me see what i want in life and that i have to take action in order to achieve them. you can get what you want, if you tried hard enough.

you taught me that everything and everyone damn bastard and full of bullshit. you taught me that i'm worth so much more than i can ever imagine and that i ought to love myself more because no one will ever love me more than i love me. you taught me that my happiness is the most important and that i should never compromise my happiness for anyone or anything. you taught me that i have the chance to change my life for the better and that i must take ownership of my own life. you taught me that i have to be selfish. you taught me that i do not need validation from anyone. you taught me to no one stays long enough so i just have to make do with the little time i have with everyone. you taught me to be more careful & to always protect myself because not everyone in this world is so nice.

with you, i did a lot of things i never tried before and i think i became an improved version of my previous self. i learnt an instrument. i'm learning a new language. i've grown to see what i like and i've been doing more of that and i thank you for that. i went through a lot because of you. a hell lot for someone my age to experience. things only i know and i hope it stays that way. it was like an adventure and i had so many of my first. i don't regret them at all. i gained a lot and i lost a lot, but hey i'm still alive and surviving.

with this, i thank you for coming into my life. tell 2017 to be nicer to me but i know 2017 will be even meaner than you are. 


12 thoughts on “dear 2016”

  1. 2016 was plain bad luck for me it I hated it ! readin your stuff I find it comfortin that I am not the only one …met so many traitors and learnt huge lessons which am still trying to get used to !


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