a wish to forget 

Erase it all, tear every photograph with our faces plastered with joyful smiles and sparkling eyes. Rip them into shreds, until jagged edges and strips are all that remain.

Let it burn, light our bittersweet memories with the remnants of our passionate love. Burn it all, don’t you dare to leave a single trace.

Blow it away, let the ashes of our memories follow the strong gust of wind until they’re out of our sight. Who knows where they will fly to, perhaps to places we never got to visit. Or maybe it’ll go as far as to the skies, where deities reside and maybe there we’ll unite, as stars that shine or clouds that fade to nothingness.

Let it fade, forget every prominent feature of mine that you used to remember so fondly, rip the pages of the entries that form your every thought off. Then, wallow in tears in an attempt to purge every memory of me-every memory of us.

I see tears welling, let them drip and drop like the poison in the words that slip from your lips. I’ll stare right back at you, but i will not cry. You’re not quite worth any of my precious tears, especially not since they’ll end up staining my cheeks and my clothes, leaving me soiled and tattered.

Hear the sound of my voice for the very last time, how genuinely real and endearing i sound. Listen to each giggle i fail to stifle and every hearty laugh that fall right out from my lungs.

Let the sweet nothings and insincere conversations ooze from the spaces of your brain, the one i deemed empty ages ago.Let them run into desolate corners, where all our unfulfilled promises and forgotten dreams run amok with fear. They’ll inhabit the murky depths of your mind, along with guilt & remorse. And when you finally remember of their existence, guilt would have eaten you inside out, until you are left empty with remorse but it’s too late.

Meet me once more, let me see how different you are from the selfless person i once knew, the same person who would wipe my sorrows away and would wrap me with warmth and love. Let me watch you in astonishment as i feel the thorns on your body as you embrace me. They sink deep into my skin, but this time i allow them to. Let me listen clearly to your voice in stunned silence as i find poison in your sugar glazed speech.

It’s been there for the longest time, except i never quite noticed. I must have been rather oblivious, or you were good at hiding behind your words glazed with poison, of which i have tactlessly tasted as honey. I guess i just never expected that something so toxic would hide beneath your cameralized words.

I wish to forget people that only exist in my memories because right now they’re not the people i once knew.

Please let me forget every hurt they have inflicted upon me, and even if i do remember, let me only remember the good that they’ve done and the beautiful memories that we’ve shared.

But if i can so greedily entreat, please erase the indelible impression that they have left etched on my mind, please let me let go & forget them


30 thoughts on “a wish to forget ”

  1. Gripping escalation and intense build-up. I felt each and every word like as if it were my own story.

    It immediately striked an impression to me, that you either have experienced a type of heartbreak way beyond your years, or maybe you just watch too much Kdramas.

    It’s amazing how someone at your age can come up with such beautiful poetry. I was submerged in a mixture of emotions throughout the entire read. Bittersweet helplessness, it was like a weak, sunconcious voice trying to escape from the clutches of a toxic love that poisoned you from the very start.

    Never stop writing and continue developing your works and I’m 101% sure that you’ll go far with this. The world needs to see this girl in action. Well at least for now you have me to witness you grow, which is quite enough already huh? :3

    Ayam mee lemak cantik tampan, is all I have left to say.


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  2. Very nice expression easily said than done, how about if u feel that the other person may be a bundle of memories, do u rejoice or feel sorry, if u ever loved u never wish bad even u can remember their one moment of love and mirth you both shared we all go through this only God remains forever, your peace will come I assure you

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      1. To each his own if that gives u rejoice then maybe ur pleasure is more imp to your soul why not the divine fix what broke and who did always remember the people who made u like this always had envisaged u as pure but sometimes fate is v cruel ,we all go through this we see the gunshot but why it was fired we choose to ignore anyway sorry for lengthy blah blah I want you to find peace at your own pace damaged souls always damage people but broken people always try to bring happiness in others life ” doing good is religion” , leave something to fate


  3. Reminds me of a call Lloyd Dobler made to Diane Court in “Say Anything,” except I don’t see no happy ending in this one, at least between two parties involved. Blessed are the painful memories that can be rid of or at least eventually fade away. No use in them hanging around.


  4. Hola. La traducción es muy imperfecta. Además, cuando intentas corregirla, no te da las opciones que necesitas. Lo lamento mucho, porque creo que tus textos son interesantes, pero no puedo captar todos los significados, ni los matices. Por eso temo decir tonterías si me atrevo a emitir un comentario. Por otra parte, pienso que a ti te pasará lo mismo cuando me leas, a menos que conozcas el español bien.


    1. Hola, no entiendo español. Sólo puedo entender lo que significa hola. Fue encantador tener a alguien que hablaba otro idioma para leer su mensaje.Tuve que usar google translate para entenderlo. Gracias por leer y por comentar, lo aprecio y espero que haya disfrutado leyendo! Por favor, no dude en comentar!

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      1. Valoro tu actitud positiva. Por otra parte, quisiera preguntarte ¿Hablas francés?. Sería un modo de ampliar nuestras posibilidades de comunicación.
        Un cordial saludo.


      2. Admiro tu capacidad para aprender idiomas. Sólo quiero decir que las traducciones automáticas no son la mejor ayuda para inciarte en una lengua extranjera.


  5. Hola, de nuevo. El traductor automático no es fiable. Comete errores que hacen difícil la comprensión. Por ejemplo, traduce “son” “, tercera persona de singular del presente de indicativo del verbo SER, por //son// , hijo, en inglés. Esto lo hace con el texto de mi respuesta. No sé qué te llegará a ti en inglés.


  6. Sigue sin estar bien y no deja libertad para corregir , puesto que te da unas palabras incorrectas para elegir. De modo que nunca puedes llegar a ofrecer la traducción perfecta a la persona a quien escribes.


  7. Such a powerful reflection on the hurt that remains when relationships fall apart. Continue to share your insights and grow from your emotional injuries. Sharing your emotions will serve to help others heal as well.

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