modern love

Modern love is sappy instagram captions and an overuse of the heart emojis. It's speedy replies, just as quick as how they'd get together. It's having a year long streak and being each other's number 1 best friend on snapchat. It's ship names and coordinated whatsapp profile pictures. It's being the very first person to comment ' flfc '. It's late night calls that stretch for hours and hours, falling asleep to the sound of their voices instead of in their arms. It's liking and commenting on every single posts or else it means you don't love the person enough or maybe you don't even care. It's getting hints on her twitter through every indirect she posts about you. It's changing your status to attached. It's publicizing something meant to be private and personal. It's showing off. It's expressing love on a platform that leaves a mark. It's messy, everyone sees it and it never goes away.  

Modern love is friends or even strangers telling you to 'last long'. However, it doesn't last very long. Somehow, modern love becomes a heartbreak that leaves you empty and wounded.  

Modern heartbreak is much worse. It's blue ticks and unliked photos and deleted comments. It's declined calls and ignored messages. It's following and unfollowing. It's blocking and unblocking and blocking and unblocking. It's reading messages only a day later, or maybe a week or two because ' i was busy '. It's hurling insults through a screen. It's the lack of cheesy messages and constant attention. It's checking their instagram feed every now and then and you wish you were in one of their post. It's waiting for them to view your snapchat stories but they'll never see it. It's lengthy messages laced with profanities and vulgarities. It's watching them find someone else, someone who isn't you. It's deleting their contact, which is useless when you have it etched in your memory and god you can't seem to forget. You can't forget the warmth that melts your icy heart. You can't forget their daily good mornings and good nights. You can't forget their instagram username. You can't forget their incessant spams on whatsapp when they want your attention. You can't forget the consecutive snaps you'd send each other. You can't forget the anniversary messages they painstakingly typed in their captions. You can't forget every post you'd publish because your relationship is now a month longer, but now it's over. You can't seem to forget anything about him. But you're not the only one who can't forget because everyone else remembers. It's messy, everyone sees it and it never goes away. 


99 thoughts on “modern love”

  1. I wish I was born in a different age. I absolutely hate how impersonal all relationships are these days not just between a couple, but also friends and even family. I really enjoyed your post and feel like it’s an issue that desperately need to be discussed. I really appreciate your work here.


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