you’re like a boat in the sea

you’re like a boat and i am the sea. you do not stay at any place long enough. you’re transient, seeking for shelter in islands that often leave you despondent. i shall protect you and you will be safe, just trust me.

i flow in too many directions just like my thoughts. it’s no wonder you always complain that it’s difficult to comprehend me and my complexities. i know, it’s hard to find stability in fluidity. but it is my nature, let me be.

some days, you would struggle, suffocated by my mere presence that engulfs you, taking away oxygen that you crave. your body burns with mistaken passion and your lungs are filled with regret. eventually, you gave in and you let me take you.

other days, you would be with me for hours, in my arms so comfortably, soaking yourself in my love. can you hear my whispers, the sound of the breeze. can you feel my touch, the resistance that keeps you in my embrace for a longer time, the pull that slows you down from heading to shore. do not mind me, this is the way i love, selfishly and selflessly.

as i watch your figure shrinking in the distance, i breathe, chuckling to myself with my watery tongues. your body reeks of salt and exhaustion and me. but i know, you had fun at sea.


19 thoughts on “you’re like a boat in the sea”

  1. Your words… They slowly slithered into me and tore me apart. A love like that, so selfish and yet selfless…. I too am a sea… Thank you, thank you for fearlessly presenting your vulnerable, unguarded self. Thank you for reminding me that what I really want and what I have are no longer the same and that my depth deserves someone who is willing to dive in. Remember to be fearless, remember to invest in your wonderful art so that the rest of us may reflect in it.


  2. Life is just like sea and we all sail in boats …have ups and downs when waves come and struggle to survive..Liked alot to your article…the way you expressed your thoughts was so original and it comes directly from heart…liked it alot


  3. This is beautifully written! I can definitely relate to a love like this and I love the line saying “I loved selfishly and selflessly”. I’m excited to see what other content you’ll write because this was amazing.


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